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Pure Bulk Foods

We are independently owned with a lovely store located in Ettalong Beach, New South Wales. We aim to provide our community and the wider community with delicious natural foods that nourish the body without any single use plastics, to help sustain our health and the natural environment. We sell all of your pantry items and more, focusing on organic, high quality amazing products that you love. Visit us in store or online for out wide range of products.

Dried fruit

Cacao & Chocolate

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Why Choose Us


Organic products are a fantastic way to ensure you are getting the most nutrients out of the foods you are eating. Not only do organic foods have no artificial additives or chemicals, they are more sustainable for the earth and are grown as nature intended.

Plastic free shopping

More than 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in our oceans every year, which means that very soon we will have more plastic in the ocean than fish.  We provide a plastic free shopping experience, to help reduce the amount of plastic being discarded into our ecosystem.

What Our Customers Say

An amazing selection of organic products .. the smell of the green teas and curry powders was incredible … the service by the staff was excellent! … thank you, I will be back

Kylie Marie Powell

A great selection of pantry staples and lovely, helpful staff! It’s amazing being able to buy what I need with minimal or no waste. So glad this service is available in Ettalong!

Lucy Field